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Rain International is currently open in 45+ countries world wide and is constantly expanding. With countries ranging from the USA to Norway to Botswana you will have an endless supply of potential customers and partners at your finger tips. There are warehouses all over the world storing Rain's products so that you don't have to. Meaning that once a customer orders products, they are shipped and sent to them without you ever having to touch them. All shipping and taxes are included in the final sales price. If an issue ever arises that is not a problem as there are support offices available by phone and e-mail in 24 countries and with 13 of them in Europe alone.


When you join our team we have an entire on-boarding system to help you get started. So as soon as you join you can actually start making money. You will have website links that are immediately linked to you so you can share it with whoever you want to. We are big on social media so part of our on-boarding is on how to teach and train you on how to build up your social media. We have a Facebook group that will link you to everyone else in the team where we will be coaching and training you. The training's consist of exactly how to launch you business, on how the comp plan works, on how to build on social media, on how to sell the products, on how to make your first bonus and on how to rank up.


Abundance refers to all things in your life, not just money, it also includes your health. With this being a category creating company within nutrition with the power of seeds, you can rest assured that there is plenty of room for growth and expansion. With 7 different ways to get paid WEEKLY the sky truly is the limit. Not only that but once you hit certain ranks you will also start to receive free products. This means that as your wealth increases so will your health. Not only can you receive free products but so can your customers, by referring friends and family to the truly unique products from Rain International.


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How Rain International gives back

We also want to provide an opportunity to those who may not have it otherwise. We understand that the word "opportunity" can mean many different things to many different people. So, we strive to provide a solid foundation that can be built upon. A portion of all of our sales gets to work, supporting our own non-profit foundation Seeds For Change, as well as our partners. From there we choose the best method to give back, influencing the lives of thousands for good. We also want to give back to nature so with every product sold we plant a tree in that persons name.
Nature gives to us, so we give back to nature.

So, that’s just a little bit about us. We hope you get to know us better by experiencing our products!


If you would like to learn more about the business and how it can benefit you, send me a message